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    What is HDLoader ?


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    What is HDLoader ? Empty What is HDLoader ?

    Post  Bakhtiar on Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:55 am

    here is the definition of HDLoader :

    HD Loader is a program for the PlayStation 2 video game console which allow users to play games installed to the optional hard drive peripheral available for the PS2. The games can be copied to the hard drive from an original game CD or DVD from within HD Loader, or installed using a PC and software such as HDL Dump or WinHIIP(the PS2 hard drive uses a standard IDE interface and the HDD can be connected to almost any PC). The HD Loader software does not require an original Sony hard drive to function properly; Maxtor IDE drives and others using the same spacing between the IDE cable and power cable can be attached to the PS2 using a Sony Ethernet adapter and formatted for use by the software (other drives such as Western Digital IDE drives require you to slightly mod the Ethernet adapter to increase the spacing on the adapter as the drives IDE and power spacing is a bit too wide). By using the Ethernet adapter and a non Sony hard drive with the PS2, games such as Final Fantasy XI, which require the HDD peripheral cannot be played even through the loader as it requires a physical Sony hard drive to install to.

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